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Communities defend their neighbourhoods in the face of emerging challenges

As the financial year 2015-2016 draws to a close, our precious environment seems to be under greater threat than ever with NSW Government plans to repeal and replace hard-won effective laws to protect biodiversity and native habitat with weak and diluting alternative legislation.

In Port Stephens communities are struggling to defend their neighbourhoods with the sell-off of Mambo wetlands land in Salamander Bay, alienation of public land in Boomerang Park, the Williamtown contamination, plans to establish a Sand Quarry at Williamtown, further attempts to expand the Soldiers Point Marina and plans to establish fish farms in Providence Bay, a move we regard as risky and totally out of character with the area.

Then there is the proposed merger of Port Stephens and Newcastle Councils, which the great majority of our municipality opposes.

EcoNetwork has been active in drafting submissions on these fronts and we have upgraded our website to include them, posted under the heading Position Papers.

Following our AGM on 26 June 2016, we hope to commence the new financial year with a revitalized committee and renewed purpose in tackling the difficult environmental challenges ahead posed by government and vested interests.