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Sustainable Futures – our 5* Festival

The Sustainable Futures Festival Committee is committed to incorporating the theme of sustainability into all aspects of the festival. We recognise that incorporating sustainability principles and delivering a sustainable festival is a key output of the event. The five key areas that the organising committee will endeavour to uphold during organising and implementing the festival include: rethink, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.
In practice, this means that the committee and all participating stallholders will have a shared commitment to: 

  • consider what we use, what we buy and how we act, as each has an environmental cost
  • reduce our consumption of goods and energy and use lower impact forms of energy
  • encourage goods that are reusable
  • encourage goods that have been repurposed
  • recycle as much as we can

We will document measures taken to ensure a lower environmental impact festival. This may include how we promoted recycling and waste management, any green transport initiatives, and any energy-saving mechanisms.