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Papers & submissions

  • EcoNetwork provides feedback on the Commonwealth Marine Parks Review

    SUMMARY This submission is in response to the Government's request for feedback on the process for reviewing the management of Commonwealth Marine Parks that were established in 2012 as described on your website: http://www.environment.gov.au/marinereservesreview/about “The Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review is underway following the setting aside of the management plans that were scheduled to come into effect in July 2014.” However, there is no specific reason stated on your website for “setting aside of the management plans” less than ...

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  • EcoNetwork responds to proposed DPI trial of modified crab catching gear in Port Stephens

    SUMMARY This submission is in response to the Department of Primary Industries’ consultation process for a proposed trial of modified crab catching gear in Port Stephens announced on 18 December 2014 and detailed in the associated consultation paper on the DPI website: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/539180/Discussion-paper-crab-traps-final.pdf. Please record in your analysis of the public consultation data that approximately 2000 members and affiliates of EcoNetwork-Port Stephens and 15,000 signatories of the Change.org petition to ban witches hat crab nets in NSW ...

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  • Strong objection to Soldiers Point marina extension

    Submission to Mr Leonard Allen, Port Stephens Council 21 March 2014 Re: Development Application 16-2012-57-1 Dear Mr Allen: EcoNetwork - Port Stephens Inc. strongly objects to DA 16-2012-57-1 which proposes a 58 berth extension to the existing marina at Soldiers Point. This submission is provided to: 1) correct some of the incorrect information in our previous submission dated 17 February 2014, 2) clarify our position on the likely significant threat to the local population of critically endangered beach stone curlews ...

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  • The benefits of affiliation

    What EcoNetwork can bring to your organisation and your community. Affiliation with EcoNetwork brings with it a wider identification and acknowledgement of your local group, its concerns and issues needing to be addressed and supported ...

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  • Dredging and reclamation in the Port Stephens Estuary

    EcoNetwork advocates that a precautionary approach to dredging within the Port Stephens Estuary must be adopted by all management agencies. At the General Meeting held Friday 22 March 2013 EcoNetwork members decided that the principles on which the approach be based are: Applications/approvals must be preceded by comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment/Statements and cost benefit analyses to assess all potential environmental benefits versus adverse impacts of artificial sediment transport ...

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  • Coastal development and its impacts on mangroves

    By Hugh James, Environmental Science and Management student, Newcastle University Mangroves are referred to as the regulation and breeding hub of the marine ecosystem. Coastal development threatens fish and invertebrate breeding grounds where 75-90% of global fisheries species engage within vital mangrove structures during their life cycles. Human activities are threatening the existence of mangroves The Australian population has a love affair with the coast; some 85% of all Australians live within 50kms of the coastline. ...

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  • EcoNetwork rejects coal seam gas mining

    EcoNetwork is opposed in principle to the exploration and extraction of coal seam gas. We believe it is incompatible with the protection of the environment in Port Stephens and that production would pose an unacceptable risk to irreplaceable groundwater supplies, create huge volumes of highly saline wastewater and industrialise the landscape. Our policy has been reaffirmed in motions carried at two general meetings: 9 December 2011 GM: This meeting of EcoNetwork extends its congratulations to the Fullerton Cove ...

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  • Long-term action is needed to protect pipi populations

    EcoNetwork-Port Stephens has called on the New South Wales Government to adopt more rigorous policies to protect pipi populations, which are in serious decline on the Australian east coast. President Dr Bruce Pease sent the following letter on 5 March 2012 to the Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Minister for Primary Industry: SUMMARY As you have stated publicly, the pipi population is in decline on the whole east coast of Australia, some say to an alarming degree, indicating significant ...

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