ecoUpdate #1 DRAFT

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First edition of EcoNetwork Port Stephen’s regular ecoUpdate about what is happening in and around Port Stephens.

James Niland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

EcoPollinators : What’s the buzz about the birds, bees, butterflies and beetles?

They’re the subject of EcoNetwork’s very first special interest group, EcoPollinators, a community-based sustainability program to conserve and expand habitat for native pollinators, like this little beauty.

Read more the role of the Blue Banded Bee and how it contributes to the future health of our environment.

Climate Action Port Stephens

Climate Action Port Stephens (CAPS) is a not-for-profit community group of Port Stephens residents who are concerned about the global climate and ecological crisis and want to see real climate action in their community. CAPS works to motivate, educate and empower the community and local government to take action to address the climate crisis. CAPS members have held small local demonstrations in support of School Strike for Climate and Friday’s for Future. Sign up to our email list by sending your email to, Like us on Facebook, or Follow us on Instagram, or check out our website  if you would like to get involved and find out more. 

Friends of Tomaree National Park: Kicking the milestones for Tomaree

Nine months ago, a few dedicated souls got together and formed Friends of Tomaree National Park which has grown to around 50 registered participants, with many helping at either of our two locations – Zenith Beach and Tomaree Head in North Tomaree, and Fishermans Bay to the south.

Read about the work they are doing, and how volunteers from the local communities are getting together to protect and improve their local areas of Tomaree National Park.

Sustainable Futures Festival

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Have you seen this sign? Is it really a good thing?

You would think that fewer koala deaths is a good thing, but these numbers reflect more than meets the eye. Encounters with koalas by the local community are more rare these days and although we don’t know for certain how many koalas are out there, fewer deaths means likely fewer healthy animals left in the wild. Read more.

Whose Future Matters More?

The Australian Federal Court recently recognised that decisions taken today can, and will, have an effect on the lives of our children and that these must be taken into account when approving expansion of fossil fuel extraction. This ruling was based on a class action brought against the Minister for the Environment by eight Australian Children. Read more about the court action and the children’s future.

No dead end for Foreshore Drive

You may recall that heavy rain, tidal swells and poor maintenance combined and caused the collapse of the culvert on 18 March this year. Many local people were happy for the road to remain closed as there was less traffic, it was quieter and the wetlands seemed to appreciate the greater inflow and outflow of water now made possible.

Read about what is happening.

Envoy:Shark Cull

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