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Switch for EcoNetwork50

EcoNetwork Port Stephens partners with Enova

and it’s a win win! 

Enova Community Energy is:

LOCAL — no money goes overseas or to big corporations; it stays in NSW

ETHICAL — a social enterprise with 50% of profits facilitating local community renewable energy projects

SUSTAINABLE —  targeting a 100% renewable future

AFFORDABLE —  competitive rates whether you’re buying or feeding-in; so you save!

You and EcoNetwork benefit

When you sign up with code EcoNetwork50, Enova donates $50 towards EcoNetwork’s environmental advocacy, benefiting you, the environment and the community.

EcoNetwork campaigns to conserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of Port Stephens estuary and hinterland, and for action on climate change and a just transition to renewable energy.


To benefit from cheaper electricity, reduce your carbon footprint and assist your local community and EcoNetwork, all you have to do is switch now and use the code EcoNetwork50, or quote the code when you phone Enova Energy to Switch.


(and use the code EcoNetwork50).

Enova is a not-for-profit social enterprise

Switching to Enova keeps money circulating locally, bettering local economies, people, businesses and jobs, fostering  community projects and local renewable solutions.

Enova is committed to ethical energy purchasing decisions

Switching to Enova saves 1.99 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere per customer per year, equivalent to 7,946kms of car travel, the distance from Sydney to Perth and back.

Switching to Enova ensures you’re with a retailer who does not invest or support fossil fuels or gas.

Switching to Enova Community Energy using code EcoNetwork50 helps our local environmental advocacy with each $50 Enova donates.


Compare your energy bill

If you’d like to see how your current energy provider compares with Enova Energy’s offers, please upload ALL pages of your recent residential or business electricity bill, and the Enova Energy team will analyse the key information and get back to you.

If you would like to speak to an energy consultant from Enova Energy about their offering or to simply get a quote check the button below.

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