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Hidden Test Calendar

Instructions on how to create Whats On and Have Your Say events

This is a non-public page designed to help authorised EcoNetwork Workspace members create and format calendar entries for the ‘What’s On’ and ‘Have Your Say’ calendars.

The following events are from the shared EcoNetwork Test Calendar. Create a new event using the instructions below, then when you are happy, just change the event from the Test Calendar to the final published calendar.

Note: This test calendar will update at most every minute, unlike the What’s On and Have Your Say calendars which only update at most every 10-15 minutes. But be patient – one minute still seems like a long time.

When you add something to the test calendar, it will appear below formatted for both What’s On and Have Your Say.

There are no upcoming events.

What goes in each of the calendars

What’s On Calendar is for events organised by (or on behalf of) EcoNetwork, its members and affiliate groups. The events must be open to people outside the organising group and of likely interest to people across our network and/or the Port Stephens area. If they are only for members of the organising group they should be advertised through the group’s website or social media. To comply with our licence, it is not for commercial events. Events run by third-parties can be advertised via EcoUpdate.

Have Your Say is used to communicate opportunities for the community to contribute to upcoming submissions, surveys, statements etc that may be of interest to people in our network or the wider community. They would typically be listed at the closing date.

NOTE: These two calendar web pages only update from google when someone accesses that webpage – but at most every 10-15 minutes, so it may take 15 minutes for changes to appear.  This prevents our website being locked out by google for excess access rates caused by search engine bots etc. This ‘Test Calendar’ has been created so you can check formatting etc. which updates at most every minute but is not seen by public or search engines.

How to create a calendar entry

From your EcoNetwork Workspace login, navigate to the calendar app and create an event in the shared ‘Test Calendar’. Save the event and reload this page to check the layout of the events before publishing. (If you re-save, you may need to reload several times over a minute to see the changes). Once you are happy, simply edit the event and change the calendar to either ‘What’s On’ or ‘Have Your Say’.

Information displayed is only from the Title, Date & Time, Location and Description fields. Other fields and any attachments can be accessed using the Details link. (The details display page is different depending on whether you are logged into a google account or not). The description field contains the main information – but should be limited to no more than 6-10 lines. For hints on setting the correct location and description formatting see the sections below.

Setting the correct Location in Google Maps

For the location you can either put a street address or use a google plus code. The plus-code can give a more precise location. Important: make sure what you enter launches google maps at the correct point, and doesn’t find some unrelated business or property in the vicinity.

Finding the correct google plus code for a precise location seems a bit browser specific, but generally, click-hold-release at the right point. A small window appears at the bottom of the screen, click the lat/long number on that window to drop a pin. The left panel will appear. Find the 5 dot-cross line and click ‘Copy plus Code’.  Paste this location into calendar location. Sometimes the plus code line does not appear first time.

For example location ’75MP+8RF Shoal Bay, New South Wales’ is here

Description Formatting Options

Styles in the Description content are fairly limited (links are OK but no images, headers etc). If you want to provide an attachment/information sheet, you need to save it to your Workspace Drive, make it accessible to ‘Anyone with a link’ then either add it as a link or add it as an attachment. Alternatively, create meeting notes and save them, then go to google drive, right click on the notes, select get link and change ‘Restricted’ to ‘Anyone with a link’ and click Done. These appear as attachments on the details page.

Custom formatting of Calendar entries is very limited but can be done in two different ways depending on where you create the entry. (Why? Because in the formal technical specification for ‘calendar event’ formats says the description field is limited to plain text.)

From your workspace calendar entry editor, some of the formats are supported using the buttons, but if you need something more, try editing the description in your email program, and copy and paste into the description, save and test. The formatting may work, or may not, or may work partially. Attachments and headings probably won’t appear, but may appear on the details page.

The alternative method is using something called markdown formatting. A few other things like headers and block-quotes work. Markdown format allows you to add specific characters at the start of a line, or around words and phrases to denote things like titles, links etc. More details about how to use markdown formatting can be found here.