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An update on Work Integrated Learning

An update on Work Integrated Learning – EcoNetwork Reflections

By Courtney Kelly

Since starting my placement with EcoNetwork, and in collaboration with the Friends of Tomaree National Park, I have been able to learn many new skills and connect with a range of knowledgeable people. During this placement I have been provided with the opportunity to participate in a number of bush regeneration sessions to tackle a range of weeds. Engaging in these sessions has significantly built my familiarity with coastal plant species and has taught me skills in plant identification and best practice management for environmental weeds.

Among some of my tasks I have been able to help with the creation of a ‘cheat sheet’ of the common weed species prevalent across rehabilitation sites managed by the Friends of Tomaree National Park. I have also been able to help create plant profiles describing the differences between common weed species and their native look-a-likes. Throughout my placement I have been lucky enough to help document common spring flowering plants in the Tomaree heathlands which has not only been very educational but a lot of fun.

I have been provided the opportunity to join EcoNetwork’s Forum and Annual General Meeting, which has allowed me to gain insight into the operation of a community advocacy network. I am so grateful to be able to contribute to the commendable work undertaken by EcoNetwork and its affiliates and look forward to contributing to the Sustainable Living Festival in November.

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Published: 31 Oct 2023