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Sustainable living

‘Sustainable’ is a frequently, some say over-used, word. What does it mean to you?

‘The United Nations  defined sustainability as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ Brundtland Commission 1987.

Adapting to new technologies or changing our everyday habits can be a challenge – yet acknowledging that change is inevitable is the first step towards practical solutions that really work.

Sustainable Futures Festival – 15 May 2022

EcoNetwork’s inaugural Sustainable Futures Festival is being held on 15 May 2022. We hope our wonderful community of Port Stephens and visitors from far and wide will take part in this special event.   Read more

Climate crisis

EcoNetwork is extremely concerned about the climate crisis and, together with affiliate group Climate Action Port Stephens (CAPS), supports our local Council’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral and is campaigning for further actions.  We are involved in raising community awareness through forums, activism and social media activity.   Read more

Clean transport

As continued expansion of the road network meeting the demands of road users and reducing traffic congestion? Or is unplanned and unsustainable population growth creating many of the problems in our region?   Read more

Renew your Energy with Enova

Do you want an energy provider that doesn’t invest in coal, gas, or oil?
How about one whose profits stay in Australia and are reinvested here? EcoNetwork has partnered with Enova who work with communities to generate and share their own renewable energy.   Read more

Eco homes and communities

Innovations in home and campervan energy efficiency and in waste management are happening quicker than ever. EcoNetwork members Neil, Peter and Brian outline their ideas on how to live more sustainably and save money …   Read more