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Climate crisis

EcoNetwork is concerned about the lack of action on climate locally and nationally. Together with affiliate group Climate Action Port Stephens (CAPS) and Renew’s Hunter Region Branch, we support our Council’s commitment to going carbon neutral but more has to be actioned urgently. We try to engage with the community through forums, activism and social media to help make this everyone’s responsibility.


Sustainability consultant, Rob McCann, shares his thoughts on global warnings, whether COP27 is important and what it all means for you as a resident of this planet.   Read more

An alliance for threatened species in a warming world

Coordinator of the Hunter Community Environment Centre, Jo Lynch, leads a coalition of groups, including EcoNetwork, planning to save threatened species in the Barrington to Hawkesbury Climate Corridors,   Read more

Un-Pleasant Reality

Either coal is dead, or we are. Does that seem a bit dramatic?
Paul McGuire shares his opinion on why the Mount Pleasant Mine expansion at Muswellbrook should not go ahead. How can we stop it – or can we?   Read more

Renew taking custody of Z-NET in Australia

Communities across Australia are recognising the urgent need to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions. We are moving from asking ‘Why?’ to asking ‘How?’. It cannot be managed by experts alone; community leadership, input and buy-in is essential.   Read more

COP26 – what happened?

Climate Action Port Stephens member, Andrea Barnett, shares some highlights (and lowlights) of COP26. We also look at international research including connections between climate change and COVID-19.   Read more

Whose future matters more?

The Australian Federal Court recently recognised that decisions taken today can, and will, have an effect on the lives of our children and that these must be taken into account …   Read more