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Eco homes and communities

Some interesting articles about sustainable living from our members and colleagues.

Caring for Country – with a cool burn

Read about this special Caring for Country event where we learned about the benefits of a culturally-informed cool burn – a low-intensity fire designed to improve land health, re-establish appropriate fire regimes, and reduce the risk and impact of wildfires.   Read more

Staying cool and healthy at home in an El Niño summer

Find out more about installing cost-effective retrofits, updating appliances, creating an efficient one-room Cool Retreat and simple adaptations to stay cool and survive heatwaves.   Read more

New community liaison with Port Stephens Council

New community liaison for the environment with Port Stephens Council Sue Olsson, Vice-President EcoNetwork Port Stephens. Our first meeting of the Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) on Wednesday 30 August, saw …   Read more

Port Stephens Residents @HOME

Join ‘Port Stephens Residents @HOME’ with six weeks of Sustainability at Home workshops.   Read more

War on Waste Toolkit Launch

Have you been watching War on Waste? Renew member, Andrew Rupolo, was at the online launch of the WoW Toolkit by Good for the Hood and he gives us the lowdown.   Read more

What are you doing in July – Plastic Free July?

This month, millions of people around the world are taking steps to refuse single-use plastic. Last year, participants avoided 2.6 million tonnes of waste!

It doesn’t matter what choice you make, switching to reusable cups, avoiding plastic packaging – what’s your step?   Read more

Renew – Hunter Region Branch

The local branch of Renew is looking for opportunities to connect households, businesses, schools and groups in the Hunter’s regional communities with the expert advice and support for us all to work, rest and play in a sustainable and healthy way. Find out how to get involved.   Read more

Saving money and energy at home

Saving money and energy at home – living sustainably in comfort all year round.   Read more

Brandy Hill Battery Project

Brian Tehan from Renew Australia and EcoNetwork describes the proposal for a battery energy storage system in Brandy Hill.   Read more

Plastic lasts forever – is that such a bad thing?

Many people think plastic is the worst material ever invented, assuming it’s all single use. But not only are more plastics being recycled more than once, they can be repurposed and used over and over again.   Read more