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About us

As a significant voice for nature conservation and the environment in Port Stephens, EcoNetwork’s influence and effectiveness continues to grow through the commitment and support of over 30 community groups and businesses as well as the many individual members wishing to make a difference.

Our Mission

Founded in March 1993, EcoNetwork Port Stephens comprises over 30 community groups and eco-businesses as well as many individual local residents.   Read more

What We Do

EcoNetwork Port Stephens is a conservation, sustainability and natural heritage network, proactively helping protect and conserve terrestrial and marine habitats.   Read more

Our affiliated groups

EcoNetwork Port Stephens inc. provides support to an alliance of over 30 community groups and eco-businesses as well as many individual locals members. EcoNetwork has also created ‘Special Interest Groups’ around issues of local significance.   Read more

Our Network in Action

Most members are involved in the work of their individual organisations, outlined in other areas of this website. They also have a broad range of personal interests which are featured under EcoNetwork Members in Action in our monthly EcoUpdate e-newsletter.   Read more

Join us

Annual membership fees provide the vital revenue enabling EcoNetwork to advocate for the environment and support our members.

Never have the challenges to maintaining our treasured environment been greater than now and your membership or renewal more highly valued.   Read more

Executive Committee

President Iain Watt

Vice President Sue Olsson

Secretary Kathy Brown

Treasurer Nigel Dique

Alison Rogers, Andrew Steel, Brian Tehan, Bruce Pease, Nigel Waters.