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An eco-friendly welcome

Welcome to EcoNetwork Port Stephens, a not-for-profit and 100% volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the interest of all who treasure and want to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of our Port Stephens estuary, peninsulas and rural hinterland.

Port Stephens contains diverse landscapes including native forests, sand dunes, mangroves and wetlands as well as unique offshore reefs, islands and marine habitats. Our local community has the challenge to protect these natural assets from the ongoing pressures of unsustainable development, tourism and water-based activities.

EcoNetwork Port Stephens, in partnership with many local affiliated groups and businesses, is also closely involved with current statewide, national and global environmental emergencies such as habitat destruction, climate change and plastic pollution.

Join us and enjoy sharing your experiences, expanding your knowledge and contributing to the healthy and happy environment that is Port Stephens.

What’s new?

EcoNetwork Port Stephens held its inaugural Sustainable Futures Festival on Sunday 11 September.

Over 1000 people attended and enjoyed the first sunny day in weeks!

They came to listen, learn and talk about all things ‘sustainability’. Electric cars, enormous whales, roaming giant puppets and local musical groups ensured there was something for everyone.

Read about the Festival.

The aRRRRRt Awards, a Festival feature: winners announced!

The aRRRRRt awards recognise artists’ creativity to put the R into aRt:Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

All finalists were on display and the winners were announced on 11 September at the Sustainable Futures Festival. Who won?

Read more

Our Network in Action

Festival was the First for our Sustainable Future – but not the last!

EcoNetwork Port Stephens held its inaugural Sustainable Futures Festival last Sunday 11 September. Over 1000 people attended and enjoyed the first sunny day in weeks!   Read more

My favourite birding spots in Port Stephens

My favourite birding spots in Port Stephens. By Neil Fraser, Tomaree Birdwatchers. Bird watchers in Port Stephens are fortunate to be able to select from a wide range of easily …   Read more

The Humpback Whale – a Marine Parks Association Project

A large model of a humpback whale will be used as an exhibit at the Sustainable Futures Festival on 11 September.  After the Festival, The Whale will be as an educational tool, informing youngsters and adults around Port Stephens about our local marine environment.     Read more

Get Involved: Benefits of collaboration

Look closely at the photos people dancing at the Sustainable Future Festival gala dinner launch and you will notice that many of the most energetic dancers happen to be members …   Read more

Cool, calm and considered: a hazard reduction burn

Three such words are rarely associated with a burn off. Other words that came out of the mouths of Soldiers Point – Salamander Bay Landcare members included meditative, peaceful and …   Read more

EcoUpdate highlights

Gardens that can withstand holiday neglect!

Sometimes people say … ‘I can’t have a garden, it’s too much responsibility and I like to go away on holidays’. Little do they know, it is possible to have the best of both worlds!   Read more

Shorebirds: can we do more to protect them?

The third and final article in Neil Fraser’s series on the shorebirds of Port Stephens looks at the international agreements for protecting shorebirds. The conservation status and some of the key threats are discussed.   Read more

Wildlife heroes saving our Wombats

Did you know we have the only dedicated wombat hospital in Australia right here in the Hunter? Meet the special people who made it their mission to keep our wombats alive.   Read more

Habitat relief for Squirrel Gliders

Squirrel glider populations in the Hunter are facing immense pressure from habitat loss. Read about the special project that is providing essential habitat and how you can get involved.   Read more

Shorebirds: The Incredible Journey

Over 1,500 migratory shorebirds are present in Port Stephens over summer, making it the 2nd most important site in NSW. The longest continuous migration by a land bird was by a Bar-tailed Godwit called E7 whose total round trip was 28,500 km!   Read more

Sustainable Living

Saving money and energy at home

Saving money and energy at home – living sustainably in comfort all year round.   Read more

Plastic lasts forever – is that such a bad thing?

Many people think plastic is the worst material ever invented, assuming it’s all single use. But not only are more plastics being recycled more than once, they can be repurposed and used over and over again.   Read more

Is yours a healthy home – how can you tell?

Nadine Samwell is an interior designer with a focus on the use of sustainable materials and she takes us through some simple ways we can improve the indoor air quality of our homes.   Read more

The fragile state of the world’s food system

The fragile state of the world’s food system OPINION by Rob McCann, Sustainability Manager Few issues highlight the importance of sustainability more than the current food crisis afflicting the world. …   Read more

Sustainable infrastructure and the importance of future-proofing

We’re witnessing an infrastructure boom at a scale unprecedented in human history. There are now global shortages of materials you would never expect. Take sand for instance – we’re even selling sand to the Arabs …   Read more