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An eco-friendly welcome

Welcome to EcoNetwork Port Stephens, a not-for-profit and 100% volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the interest of all who treasure and want to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of our Port Stephens estuary, peninsulas and rural hinterland.

Port Stephens contains diverse landscapes including native forests, sand dunes, mangroves and wetlands as well as unique offshore reefs, islands and marine habitats. Our local community has the challenge to protect these natural assets from the ongoing pressures of unsustainable development, tourism and water-based activities.

EcoNetwork Port Stephens, in partnership with many local affiliated groups and businesses, is also closely involved with current statewide, national and global environmental emergencies such as habitat destruction, climate change and plastic pollution.

Join us and enjoy sharing your experiences, expanding your knowledge and contributing to the healthy and happy environment that is Port Stephens.

What’s new?

The Woodville and Wallalong community continues to be faced with rezoning proposals in the areas around the Williams River floodplain in the western Port Stephens LGA. 

With more and more farmland being carved off into smaller lots, it will be Council’s decision whether to approve rezoning and subsequent subdivision – threatening local livelihoods as well as 268 hollow-bearing trees and 95 koala feed trees on just one of the Seaham Road sites.  Read more

Our Network in Action

Cool, calm and considered: a hazard reduction burn

Three such words are rarely associated with a burn off. Other words that came out of the mouths of Soldiers Point – Salamander Bay Landcare members included meditative, peaceful and …   Read more

Voices of Woodville and Wallalong

Please support our members who are faced with rezoning proposals in the Williams River floodplain putting at risk livelihoods and threatened species. Even more farmland is being carved off into smaller lots – is Council going to support rezoning for housing development?   Read more

Anna Bay’s Helipad or Heliport – what’s the difference?

On Sunday 23 January, members of the Tomaree Ratepayers and Residents Association (TRRA) Committee attended a large public meeting next to the site of a proposed aircraft facility on Nelson …   Read more

Koala protection or mis-planned extinction?

Property developers, Ingenia, are seeking Council’s approval to change the previously approved ‘Boardwalk’ development. This plan would make it impossible for koalas to move across Tomaree Peninsula from east to west by creating a concrete jungle across this already narrow wildlife corridor. Help us stop the bulldozers!   Read more

Tomaree Headland – what’s at the end of the road?

An ongoing talking point in Port Stephens is the future of Tomaree Headland. The NSW Government is keeping deliberations close to its chest, giving rise to all manner of speculation   Read more

EcoUpdate highlights

Shorebirds: The Incredible Journey

Over 1,500 migratory shorebirds are present in Port Stephens over summer, making it the 2nd most important site in NSW. The longest continuous migration by a land bird was by a Bar-tailed Godwit called E7 whose total round trip was 28,500 km!   Read more

The myths about Eucalypts – true or false?

Like any good myth, their origins often contain an element of truth. Eucalypts include some of the tallest trees in the world. Some eucalypts can shed branches. And koalas do eat eucalypts. But if you dig a little deeper, many eucalypt myths are based on gross generalisations, to the point of being quite misleading.   Read more

Get Involved: Supporting members and keeping people

Soldiers Point – Salamander Bay Landcare is thriving. Over 16 members regularly participate anywhere from once a week to twice a year. The longest serving member, Margaret Lamond has been …   Read more

Ask Bunnings to ditch bird-killing poisons

Your action to ban bird killing rat and mice poisons is having an impact! Can you help us step it up? Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) poison birds of prey …   Read more

Hands up if you feed wild birds in your garden?

Don’t feel guilty – you’re not the only one! At least one in three Australian households feed birds – whether they admit it or not! Perhaps there’s a way that people and wildlife can, and should, co-exist for the benefit of both.   Read more

Sustainable Living

Sustainable infrastructure and the importance of future-proofing

We’re witnessing an infrastructure boom at a scale unprecedented in human history. There are now global shortages of materials you would never expect. Take sand for instance – we’re even selling sand to the Arabs …   Read more

Renew taking custody of Z-NET in Australia

Communities across Australia are recognising the urgent need to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions. We are moving from asking ‘Why?’ to asking ‘How?’. It cannot be managed by experts alone; community leadership, input and buy-in is essential.   Read more

Sustainable Futures Festival – 11 September 2022

EcoNetwork’s inaugural Sustainable Futures Festival is being held on 11 September 2022. We hope our wonderful community of Port Stephens and visitors from far and wide will take part in this special event.   Read more

Are NSW Marine Sanctuaries under threat?

The NSW Government released the ‘NSW Mainland Marine Park Network – Draft Management Plan 2021 – 2031’ for public comment. What are the threats to be concerned about? We share our views on what needs to be done.   Read more

Living with and charging an EV

Every household’s vehicle needs are different and EcoNetwork members, Les and Anne Pinney, describe their experience owning and charging their battery electric vehicle.   Read more