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Managing ecosystems

We look at how biodiversity in Port Stephens is faring – is it thriving, or just surviving?  Our terrestrial and marine habitats such as bushland reserves, beaches and reefs, need our help. Find out how you can get involved in citizen science and bush regeneration projects.

Killer cats

We know that both feral and pet cats kill wildlife in unsustainably high numbers. After decades of research and evidence, what is being done to address this most urgent threat to biodiversity by governments and by cat owners?   Read more

Four local marine species listed in Action Plan

Iain Watt describes the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park as having the ‘rather ignominious honour’ of hosting 4 of a total of 8 marine species on the priority list in the recent ‘Threatened Species Action Plan.’   Read more

Shorebirds: can we do more to protect them?

The third and final article in Neil Fraser’s series on the shorebirds of Port Stephens looks at the international agreements for protecting shorebirds. The conservation status and some of the key threats are discussed.   Read more

Cool, calm and considered: a hazard reduction burn

Three such words are rarely associated with a burn off. Other words that came out of the mouths of Soldiers Point – Salamander Bay Landcare members included meditative, peaceful and …   Read more

World Wetlands Day at Mambo-Wanda Wetlands

Mambo-Wanda Wetlands Conservation Group in Salamander Bay normally holds their annual Mambo Wetlands Walks on World Wetlands Day. However, like last year, due to covid caution, this year’s event happened …   Read more

Local landcarers contributing to science

Soldiers Point – Salamander Bay Landcare members have been working in Stoney Ridge Reserve for many years. One of the largest reserves in Port Stephens, it is located on the …   Read more

Are NSW Marine Sanctuaries under threat?

The NSW Government released the ‘NSW Mainland Marine Park Network – Draft Management Plan 2021 – 2031’ for public comment. What are the threats to be concerned about? We share our views on what needs to be done.   Read more

The future of our beaches: erosion and artificial reefs

The future of our beaches: erosion and artificial reefs By Iain Watt, Marine Scientist and President, EcoNetwork. The iconic beaches of Port Stephens have taken a hammering this year, from …   Read more

Feral animal control – who’s responsible?

Feral animal control – who’s responsible? Members of the Mambo Wanda Wetlands Reserves and Landcare Committee have called for more funding to eradicate feral animals that prey on indigenous fauna …   Read more

Inquiry into the Integrity of the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme

Koala Koalition EcoNetwork Port Stephens, KKEPS 1 , welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Enquiry Panel investigating the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme. The Panel may find some value in …   Read more