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Living with wildlife

Have you see an endangered species in the wild? Would you like to keep native bees? How many birds come to your garden?

Join us and learn about our local native species – whether it’s enjoying wildlife encounters in your own garden or helping save threatened species in the bigger backyard of Port Stephens.

NSW Shark Management Program in Port Stephens

The Port Stephens–Great Lakes Marine Park protects some of the state’s most spectacular and rich marine biodiversity, including shark species. Sharks are a natural part of healthy oceanic and estuarine environments.   Read more

Port Stephens – a land formed by fire and ice

Port Stephens – a land formed by fire and ice by Neil Fraser, Geologist (retired). Visitors to Port Stephens who climb to the top of Tomaree Head are presented with …   Read more

Update on Council’s Koala Projects

Port Stephens Council Koala Road Strike Project The Port Stephens Drive Koala Road Strike Mitigation Project delivered in partnership with the NSW Koala Program, aims to reduce Koala fatalities along …   Read more

Let’s walk ‘n’ talk about birds – with Neil Fraser

By Nigel Dique, one of the walkers (and talkers). Photos by Colin Sheringham. What is most surprising about bushwalking in Salamander Bay is the number and variety of birds you …   Read more

Tomaree Coastal Walk – treasured experiences for us all

Tomaree Coastal Walk – treasured experiences for us all Sue Olsson, Coordinator, National Parks Association Port Stephens Group. Many of us have enjoyed walking parts of the Tomaree Coastal Walk …   Read more

Birds of Woodlands, Parks and Gardens in Port Stephens

A special forum for new bird enthusiasts! Join us on Sunday 20 August for a morning of engaging presentations and informal discussions about the incredible diversity of woodland birds in beautiful Port Stephens.   Read more

Why Your Garden Matters

We help you create a wildlife-friendly garden by offering hints and tips on how to attract local wildlife to your garden, what to plant and how to keep wildlife as safe as possible while they’re visiting. Includes a habitat planting guide and brochure.   Read more

Regent Honeyeaters in the Mistletoe

Many Australians associate mistletoe with the northern hemisphere species, but did you know that 90 of the approximately 1500 species of mistletoe are found in Australia? The Regent Honeyeater feeds predominantly on mistletoe nectar and on gum blossoms   Read more

Regent Honeyeater captive release – 2022 NSW

Since 2020, three releases of the critically endangered Regent honeyeater have occurred in the Lower Hunter. Here’s Mick Roderick, BirdLife’s Woodland Bird Manager to tell us all about this crucial work.   Read more

My favourite birding spots in Port Stephens

My favourite birding spots in Port Stephens. By Neil Fraser, Tomaree Birdwatchers. Bird watchers in Port Stephens are fortunate to be able to select from a wide range of easily …   Read more