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What We Do

EcoNetwork Port Stephens is a conservation, sustainability and natural heritage network.

Our successes

EcoNetwork has proactive policies that help protect and conserve terrestrial and marine habitats.

Being proactive has led to many initiatives including:

  • expansion of Tomaree National Park from 896 hectares to 2274 hectares
  • conservation of diverse wildlife habitat, now Mambo & Wanda Wetlands Reserve
  • marine waterways protection with six vessel sewerage pump-out systems
  • early advocacy for a Port Stephens/Great Lakes Marine Park (2006)
  • Port Stephens Council Energy Smart Homes Program
  • representation on local council and state government consultation and advisory bodies
  • formation of the Shoal Bay Community Association and similar community groups.

Main policy directions

EcoNetwork has a number of key areas in which we focus.

The key issues including support for:

  • conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems in national parks and marine sanctuaries
  • sustainable urban planning, retaining natural context, natural assets and sense of place
  • renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels with a just transition to carbon reduction
  • environmentally responsible and socially useful investment for ecological sustainability.

Community focus

Through the numerous members and affiliates, our Network spans a wide cross-section of the Port Stephens community.

EcoNetwork has a strong community focus on:

  • unifying members, affiliates, communities and their organisations who have shared ecological values, common interests and objectives.
  • elevating awareness within local communities about ecological values, sustainability and related social issues.
  • facilitating meetings and forums on sustainable urban planning and informing about developments that threaten nature conservation.