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Renew your Energy with Enova

Do you want an energy provider that doesn’t invest in coal, gas, or oil?

How about an energy provider whose profits stay in Australia and are reinvested here?

For many of us in our Port Stephens community, we want our money to stay local to benefit our communities, and not go offshore to multi-national corporations.

For this reason, and many more, EcoNetwork has partnered with Enova Community Energy who are based on the NSW North Coast. Enova works with communities to generate and share their own renewable energy.

We believe that Enova is genuinely committed to a 100% renewable energy future.

Why has EcoNetwork chosen Enova Community Energy?

Enova Community Energy is a not-for-profit social enterprise which …

  • does not and will not invest in coal, oil or gas.
  • is 100% Australian owned and operated, with 1600 community shareholders.
  • reinvests 50% of its profits into Australian communities.
  • sources energy from its customers’ rooftops as well as renewable energy generator Diamond Energy.
  • is rated by Choice Australia in 2020 as the best electricity provider for customer service and environmental sustainability.
  • helps people with practical solutions to address climate change.

Do it for the planet – and help EcoNetwork Port Stephens too!

Switch your energy supplier to Enova and EcoNetwork will receive a $50 contribution to support our grass-roots projects and campaigns. Just use the code EcoNetwork50 when you sign up.

How do I switch to Enova Community Energy?

Not only will you be supporting your local environmental organisation, EcoNetwork chooses Enova as we believe it’s good for the environment, the local community and the local economy.

Visit Enova Community Energy to find out how – and use the code EcoNetwork50.

Request a Callback to speak to an energy consultants or to get a quote.

Request a Bill Comparison to learn more.