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Work bee of the Friends of Tomaree NP

The Friends of Tomaree National Parks work in partnership with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the NSW government agency who oversights our work program. The National Parks Association (Hunter Region), who initiated and supports the Friends of Tomaree National Park, is a community organisation that advocates for national parks and their management.

Our groups and future dates

Our Friends of Tomaree National Park currently work in three areas. Many Friends attend one group, some a couple, and others one work bee each month or two when convenient. All contributions are really appreciated, whatever suits you.

North Tomaree: Zenith Beach and Tomaree Headland, work bees are usually for a couple of hours in the morning, each month on

  • first Tuesday 
  • second Saturday 
  • third Thursday 

Central Tomaree: Kingsley / Boat Harbour / One Mile areas, work bees are usually for a couple of hours in the morning (except 7 Nov), each month on

  • first or second Monday (except October) 
  • third or fourth Saturday (except October) 

Further south, Fishermans Bay work bees are usually for a couple of hours in the morning, each month on

  • first Saturday
  • third Tuesday

North Tomaree

Tues 4 Oct
Sat 8 Oct
Thurs 20 Oct
Tues 1 Nov
Sat 12 Nov
Thurs 17 Nov
Tues 6 Dec
Sat 10 Dec
Please contact Sue at

Central Tomaree

Mon am 17 Oct
Sat am  29 Oct
Mon late pm  7 Nov
Sat am 19 Nov
Please contact Sue at

South Tomaree / Fishermans Bay

Sun 2 Oct
Tues 18 Oct
Sun 6 Nov
Tues 15 Nov
Sun 4 Dec
Tues 20 Dec
Please contact Josephine at

Saturday 8 October … we turn TWO and we’re celebrating our birthday!

Sunday 9 October… a Crag Care morning with out the rock climbing fraternity. For more Information and bookings

What to bring or wear on our work bees

Please wear old clothes and here’s some hints for a safer work bee experience.

  • Gardening gloves
  • Sunhat
  • Old long-sleeved shirt, full-length trousers (preferably not tight stretch pants) 
    • Best to cover up for scratch and snake protection
    • Good to tuck trousers into socks to help avoid ticks
  • Old covered shoes 
  • Old rain jacket (if forecast is for occasional showers)
  • Eye protection (old glasses, old readers or sun glasses – safety glasses available)
    • Glasses help protect your eyes from stick injuries. Sometimes bending over and focussing on a cut branch to paint, you tend not to notice a cut stick pointing up, so please wear eye protection.

Tools we use

Most of these tools are supplied by National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in supporting our Friends group.

  • Cutters – secateurs, pruning saws, loppers  
  • Pouches – carry our tools
  • Herbicide in applicator bottles. 
  • Sunscreen, hand sanitiser, personal insect spray (ticks & mozzies) and disinfectant wipes
  • First-aid including tick freeze and snake bite kits. 

Registering with NPWS My Impact

Our Friends program is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) NSW, who also provide most of our equipment. Our volunteers register on NPWS My Impact program. You may like to come to one or two work bees before registering.

There are several advantages for you to registering … 

  • Insurance cover when working on national parks
  • Records your hours worked enabling benefits such as 
    • personal work shirts (issued periodically), hats and gradually other items
    • training such as first aid or other if required for the work undertaken
    • all parks vehicle pass (including Kosciusko NP) once you have accumulated 50 hours over 2 years
  • Information on other conservation projects 
  • Your hours contribute to those of our Friends group enabling more support such as equipment, plants and so forth. 

To register with My Impact program for the Friends of Tomaree National Park with NPWS, 
please go to link  >>  MyImpact   

  • You will be asked about your … Contact information … then the Application form, includes …
  • Which NPWS Branch is closest to you? Choose “Hunter Central Coast Branch
  • Which volunteer position(s) are you applying for, go to “Friends of Tomaree National Park Volunteer Program
  • If you have First Aid or Working with Children Certificates, you may like to include those also, so please have their number and expiry date handy.

Once you have submitted your information, please email Sue at so that we know to then accept your application.

Herbicide training

After you have participated in a couple of work bees and registered on NPWS My Impact (above), please complete the online herbicide training: As we use herbicides to cut and paint bitou and other woody weeds, NPWS/DPIE requires us to participate in online herbicide awareness training. It takes a maximum 30 mins. You can access the training via this link: It includes a series of short videos and multiple choice questions. If you get a question wrong, you are offered the question again until it is correct, so not too difficult. 

If you’re not sure of you’re My Impact login details, please contact the NPWS Volunteer Coordinator Nicola on:

Information about Tomaree you may be interested in …

Published: 20 Sep 2022