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Boomerang Park Group represented in indigenous artwork

Boomerang Park Group represented in indigenous artwork

‘The green areas signify Boomerang Park. 

The four circles signify meeting or gathering places which are joined by paths that lead and conjoin but also signify the many places people travel from.

In the minutiae, you’ll see footprints again signifying travel by people, and tracks of goannas, kangaroos, snakes and possums.

The central figures are the two hunting or fighting boomerangs “duuri”. These action weapons represent Boomerang Park Preservation Group Inc. as the guardians and the protectors of Boomerang Park’. 

Peter Kafer, 2015 Artist.

D’harawahl – SALTWATER MAN. ‘My ethos is: 
“Dyi nga ninura 
Miinya bembul”
(I see my country Mother Earth)’.

Peter’s paintings on the wall of the Red Eye Cafe in Raymond Terrace © Peter Kafer.

Peter Kafer played a significant role in helping establish the Boomerang Park Preservation Group in 2015. Coral Berry, the Group’s research officer, writes:

“Peter has been an artist for 40 years and he started his political life in 1995 as a Councillor for Newcastle Council. He moved to Port Stephens and became a Councillor for Port Stephens Council in 2009.  He left his political career at the end of 2017.  Before lockdown, you would always find Peter at the Red Eye Cafe (his ‘office’ where his paintings hang), making himself available to meet with members of our community. His paintings also adorn the walls of Centrelink in Raymond Terrace.

Peter painted a picture about the Group for us to use as a logo (see above). The picture will be hung in the water tower when we have it converted into an art gallery or coffee shop.” 

Peter began painting decades ago, as a stress therapy, but quickly found that he loved immersing himself in his thoughts and creating important cultural pieces. Peter’s biggest influence was his late Auntie Gloria, also an artist.

‘My works are based on stories that have been told by Elders and also from recollections from dreams. I am a very spiritual person and in tune with my environment, so I like to reflect that in my paintings.’

In 2017, Peter and his talented daughter, Morgen, held an art exhibition at the Raymond Terrace Artspace called ‘Universe and Ancestors’. This included over 30 paintings all using acrylics with different stroke styles and different methods of paint application.

Peter also painted Lewis the koala and he had it printed on black T-shirts.  He sold them to raise money for koalas at Aussie Ark at Barrington Tops.  Lewis the koala was rescued in the wildfires in 2019.

Dozens of his paintings can be seen in locations locally and across the world. Everywhere from Hunter Valley wineries and hospitals to commercial premises, Newcastle Airport as well as in Government offices including Embassies in Canberra and the Office of Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Peter is also proud that “most of my paintings now live in USA, Canada, half a dozen European countries including, Spain, Italy, Austria and the Republic of Karelia.”

Peter teaches painting at the Raymond Terrace Arts and Crafts Group on Tuesdays at the Senior Citizens Hall. He is so passionate about his work and he loves to share it with the community.

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Published: 7 Oct 2021