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EcoUpdate: April 2022

Illustration: David Pope, Canberra Times

Autumn is here. The long election campaign is underway. A focus on living sustainably is all around us. Let’s be positive – solutions exist. Read on to find out about innovations for future-proofing our infrastructure, how our communities can achieve a Zero Net Emissions Transition and how fire management is becoming more sensitive to its seasonal impacts on nature.

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Sustainable infrastructure and the importance of future-proofing

We’re witnessing an infrastructure boom at a scale unprecedented in human history. Between 2011 and 2013, China used more concrete than the U.S. did in the whole 20th Century.

World Bank says that the construction and operation of infrastructure already accounts for about 70% of the world’s carbon emissions. We’re changing the very climate conditions under which we have engineered our whole society. So how can we address this? Sustainability Manager, Rob McCann, explains how innovations in sustainable infrastructure are leading the way.

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Cool, calm and considered: a hazard reduction burn

After the December 2018 bushfire that burnt out over 80ha of the Mambo Wetlands, Landcare groups expressed concern to the RFS about their methods and consideration of the rare flora and fauna.

What a difference this year, members of the Soldiers Point – Salamander Bay Landcare group were very impressed as they experienced up close the detailed planning and precision that went into a hazard reduction burn at Stoney Ridge Reserve.

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Shorebirds: the incredible journey

Tomaree birdwatcher, Neil Fraser, presents the second instalment of his three part series featuring the shorebirds of Port Stephens.

Did you know that a single bird may fly a million kilometres in its lifetime? Neil discusses the incredible feats of flight and navigation made by these migratory waders as they undertake their lifecycle of living and breeding in a state of constant summer.

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Renew taking custody of Z-NET in Australia

Communities across Australia are recognising the urgent need to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions. We are moving from asking ‘Why?’ to asking ‘How?’.

The challenge for the transition is that it cannot be managed by experts alone; community leadership, and buy-in is essential. Renew’s CEO Paul Bowers explains the Zero Net Emissions Transition (Z-NET) methodology, and why Renew is delighted to serve as its new home.

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The myths about Eucalypts – true or false?

Why are some people afraid of our iconic gum trees?

What is the winner of Australia’s favourite Eucalypt?

Can you grow them in a small garden?

EUCALYPTUSDOM – art, science, culture and essential oils at the Powerhouse Museum.

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Out and about in nature – Autumn

Autumn in our area is a beautiful time for crisp misty mornings, warm days and cool evenings. The sharp heat of the summer sun has disappeared and the earth breathes deeply in.

Liesl Colyer from Living Strong Nature Journaling gives us the low down on what to look out for at this time of year, including the impressive Eucalyptus Hawk moth.

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Get involved: Supporting members and keeping people

It’s not easy to keep members focused, inspired, connected and working effectively. Learning from organisations which maintain members over the long term can help with identifying the essential ingredients. Alison Rogers continues her Get Involved series with some excellent tips to help your group maintain momentum.

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Sustainable Futures Festival

A festival of inspiration, innovation & conversation

St Philip’s Christian College, Salamander Bay

11 September 2022

Read the latest Sustainable Futures Festival News

This Festival is supported by Hunter Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


  • EUCALYPTUSDOM at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney. Until 28 August 2022. ‘The Powerhouse commissioned 17 new works to be displayed alongside over 500 objects from the Museum’s historical collection. The commissions featured in the exhibition span a diverse range of disciplines including contemporary art, design, writing, music and performance. The creative practitioners were invited to critically respond to the Museum’s collection and colonial history, as well as explore their own personal connection to the eucalypt.’
  • Plastic bags, straws and microplastics have a deadly reputation when they wind up in the ocean, but other everyday items are killing animals too, such as face mask straps and hair ties. Please cut these up before disposing of them. READ MORE.

EcoNetwork Port Stephens

Our Vision: Ecologically sustainable communities existing in harmony with the natural environment.

Our Purpose: To support our members and to educate and advocate on environmental issues that impact Port Stephens communities. : : facebook

Published: 19 Apr 2022