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Our Mission

Our Mission

Founded in March 1993, EcoNetwork Port Stephens partners with over 30 local community groups and businesses as well as individual members.

Our vision:

Ecologically sustainable communities existing in harmony with the natural environment.

Our purpose:

To support our members, and to advocate on environmental issues that impact Port Stephens communities.

Our strategy:

  • Advocate — Campaign for environmentally responsible decision-making
  • Educate – Share information to support environmental sustainability and cultural heritage
  • Support — Assist our members and affiliates in achieving their objectives
  • Manage — Conduct our organisation with integrity and transparency.

Our members:

Individuals, community groups and businesses who share our values. See current list.

Our constitution:

In accordance with our constitution, EcoNetwork Port Stephens conducts our organisation with integrity and transparency.


The objects of the association (objects) are to advance the natural and cultural heritage of Port Stephens and surrounding areas, and in particular to:

  • conserve terrestrial and marine ecosystems
  • conserve cultural, including First Nations Peoples, heritage
  • promote ecologically sustainable communities and neighbourhoods
  • address climate change
  • undertake environmental education
  • advocate in connection with the above matters, for public benefit and not aligned with any political party or candidate for political office, and
  • act as a community network that supports and enables residents, community groups and businesses to develop positive local responses to environmental and natural and cultural heritage issues.

To access the full Constitution, click here