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Ask Bunnings to ditch bird-killing poisons

Ask Bunnings to ditch bird-killing poisons

Dear Ewa,

Your action to ban bird killing rat and mice poisons is having an impact! Can you help us step it up?

Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) poison birds of prey and other native wildlife that eat rats and mice. Last month we launched a petition calling on Bunnings, the retailer with the biggest range of these deadly products, to take them off their shelves. Over 23,000 people have signed up and we know Bunnings is feeling the pressure.

Bunnings have said they are looking at new training for their staff and providing some information about products, and while we’re glad they are listening, we don’t think their gesture will have much impact. As long as SGARs are on shelves for sale they will end up in the food chain of our beloved birds. That’s why we need them out of the market entirely – Can you call your local Bunnings and ask them to stop stocking SGARs?

We’ve written to Bunnings, met with representatives, and even asked a question at their parent company Wesfarmers’ AGM. But the people they listen to the most are their customers – that’s why we want you to give them a call. We’ve developed an easy conversation guide with key facts about the impact of SGARs on our wildlife and a handy tool that will give you the number for your nearest store wherever you live in Australia.

Can you give Bunnings a call today?

The campaign to get SGARs off retail shelves has gained momentum fast over the last 18 months. BirdLife Australia has been pushing for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to change regulations for these products – and now it looks like pressure is starting to have an effect! This month the APVMA announced they will be moving to a formal review of regulations for anticoagulant rodenticides – the next step to a formal national ban on SGARs!

We have no doubt this is because of the huge outpouring of concern they have seen about this issue from the community. We’ll be getting back in touch with you soon to let you know how you can express your concern to them as part of this review. In the meantime, there is a huge opportunity for retailers to move ahead of potential regulatory changes and take deadly SGARs off their shelves voluntarily.

Make sure Bunnings knows this is something their customers want them to do by calling your local store manager.

Thanks again,

Dr Holly Parsons,
Urban Bird Program Manager

BirdLife Australia
Suite 2-05, 60 Leicester St, Carlton VIC 3053
T 03 9347 0757 |

Image: Powerful Owl by Dave Robson

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Published: 22 Jun 2022