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Voice of Wallalong and Woodville

Who is the ‘Voice of Wallalong and Woodville’?

The Voice of Wallalong and Woodville is a not-for-profit community organisation formed by residents in 2013 to safeguard the character of our north-west corner of Port Stephens Local Government Area.

We represent residents of Woodville, Wallalong and neighbouring areas including Butterwick and Duns Creek, Brandy Hill, Seaham, Nelsons Plains Osterley and Hinton.

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Join us to explore and appreciate Port Stephens west. The history of the Paterson, Hunter and Williams rivers, the historic village of Woodville, the iconic bridges, its rural vistas and natural landscapes, environmental and planning challenges, short strolls and so much more.

A full day bus tour, $36, Wednesday 19th July or Saturday 5th August. More information and registration

How VoWW came about

Our formation was prompted by a development proposal to build a new town to house 10,000+ people at Wallalong, supported by PSC but which failed to win State government support.

Wooded vistas are a feature of the Port Stephens hinterland. Photo © David Cowan

We are apolitical, and not opposed to development – provided it is compatible with existing rural land use and not in flood affected areas.

We value the heritage of areas such as Woodville and Hinton and seek to preserve it.

We value the environment and support initiatives such as the walkway around the Seaham Wetlands.

Some of our activities and advocacy

VoWW has:

  • represented residents on many community issues and helps to guide residents when making submissions to council.
  • facilitated community information sessions on a number of topics.
  • representatives on several council committees.
  • provided expert speakers on issues which are relevant to the community. As an example, Ass. Professor Glen Albrecht gave a talk on the topic of Solastalgia (the sense of grief caused by environmental change impacting on people who value and live in that environment).
Hinton Bridge at Dawn. Photo © Andrew Green

In 2019 VoWW conducted a photo competition titled “Why I love where I live”. The response provided insight into the reasons residents have chosen this are — it was all about the character and the ambience of the area. That is what VoWW is trying to protect.

Andrew Green’s winning photo of the Hinton Bridge at dawn and his statement: “I love the peaceful beauty of the area and would not want to live anywhere else”. Certainly a deserving winner who reflects the feelings of residents of the rural west.

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Published: 19 May 2023