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EcoNetwork rejects coal seam gas mining

EcoNetwork is opposed in principle to the exploration and extraction of coal seam gas. We believe it is incompatible with the protection of the environment in Port Stephens and that production would pose an unacceptable risk to irreplaceable groundwater supplies, create huge volumes of highly saline wastewater and industrialise the landscape.

Our policy has been reaffirmed in motions carried at two general meetings:

9 December 2011 GM:

This meeting of EcoNetwork extends its congratulations to the Fullerton Cove Action Group on its initiatives in opposition to CSG exploration and extraction. In so doing we look to the mutual co-operation and combined actions of the Fullerton Cove Action Group, EcoNetwork and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW to result in a moratorium on CSG activity and an end to its destructive and potential impacts on the Port Stephens environment.

We call on the state and federal governments for:

  1. A reform in legislation and immediate action to strengthen the protection of our natural heritage, including biodiversity and geodiversity, from extractive and polluting industries.
  2. The identification of areas that should be off limits to mining and gas activities, including our valuable agricultural land, bush land, freshwater habitats, drinking water supplies and underground aquifers.
  3. A reform in legislation and immediate action to protect the health and well-being of local communities from extractive and polluting industries and to develop a stronger monitoring and compliance regime for mining and gas activities to protect human health.

27 July 2012 AGM

Given the risk of groundwater contamination, environmental damage from saline wastewater and the lack of adequate safeguards, EcoNetwork calls for a total ban on test drilling for CSG at Fullerton Cove and that existing approvals be rescinded.  Further, we call on all relevant authorities, as well as the community, to do everything possible to prevent CSG exploration and production in Port Stephens.