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EcoUpdate: November 2022

Dear members, friends and supporters,

Trying to mix in some good news stories for you even though it’s difficult to avoid talking about the challenges our world is facing. Either way, you can always find something to brighten up your day. Surround yourself with positive people, like EcoNetwork members, and if you’re not a member, why not? Here are some good reasons why you should join us.

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Cartoonists often give me a laugh even on the most depressing of subjects.

Please let me know what you’d like to read about in EcoUpdate. I am looking at starting a book review section – so do let me know if you’d like to contribute.

Ewa Meyer

Here are previous editions of EcoUpdate, most content is still current. Please forward this edition to anyone you like (or don’t like) and they can sign up to receive it directly.

Get Involved: Embracing change

Sadly, this is 2022’s last instalment of Get Involved from Dr Alison Rogers – and appropriately, the theme is Embracing Change! What has she got in store for us next year?

Many people fear or hate change – yet as an inevitable part of life, often changes are worthwhile and essential.

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PS Spoiler Alert: the first topic Alison writes about as we start a New Year is ‘Enjoying the journey!’


It’s dire, it’s not hopeless. The atmosphere doesn’t have or care about borders. Satellites don’t have political opinions. If we are going to get anywhere, we need to recognise that we are global citizens. Can COP27 help drive that home?

Sustainability consultant, Rob McCann, shares his thoughts on global warnings, whether COP27 is important and what it all means for you as a resident of this planet.

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Four Port Stephens marine species listed in Action Plan

EcoNetwork’s President and marine scientist, Iain Watt, gives us the lowdown on the recent Federal Government’s ‘Threatened Species Action Plan: Towards Zero Extinctions 2022-2032’.

Iain describes the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park as having the ‘rather ignominious honour’ of hosting 4 of a total of 8 marine species on the priority list. But does the new Action Plan introduce any new obligations on individuals, organisations or governments?

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Brandy Hill Battery Storage Project

Brandy Hill has been recognised by Renewable Energy Systems as an ideal project site for their latest battery energy storage system.

Brian Tehan from Renew Australia and EcoNetwork, shares his expertise in renewable energy, describing the proposal for a 250 MW with up to 1000 MWh of storage and why this could be good news for Port Stephens.

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An alliance for threatened species in a warming world

As climatic conditions change, many populations of native species will depend on their ability to colonise newly-suitable habitat. The Barrington to Hawkesbury region and its protected areas network needs to accommodate the most vulnerable species under the worst-case climate scenario.

Coordinator of the Hunter Community Environment Centre, Jo Lynch, leads a coalition of groups including EcoNetwork and has written this special letter to our members and friends to ask for your support.

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Our Local Shorebird Program

Paint and learn about our incredible local shorebirds with Hunter Landcare.

Shorebird Exhibition Tomaree Library: 4 – 31 January 2023.
Kids’ Storytime & Art sessions: Raymond Terrace Library at 10.30am Monday 16 January and Tomaree Library at 10.30am Wednesday 18 January. Most suitable for 6 to 13 year olds.

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Tomaree Headland – what’s at the end of the road? Update November 2022

At long last the NSW Government is taking action to determine the future of the Tomaree Lodge site located at 4 Shoal Bay Road and has opened a community consultation process which runs until Friday 6 January 2023.

Nigel Dique from the Shoal Bay Community Association and EcoNetwork explains the background to this hot topic and outlines some of the proposals from the Tomaree Heritage Headland Group which might assist some readers with their submissions.

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Festival Evaluation

The Sustainable Futures Festival 2022 aimed to create positive change, with innovative and practical solutions for a sustainable and regenerative world, working in partnership with local communities, businesses and governments. Did it achieve any of these?

Program Evaluation expert, Dr Alison Rogers, has put together a comprehensive report of the findings from her evaluation conducted in collaboration with The University of Newcastle. Find out what were cited as the main benefits of the festival. Read More


What’s on

  • 11 – 20 November 2022. FrogID Week. Take part in Australia’s biggest frog count! Recording frog calls with the FrogID app will help provide our scientists with valuable data for the protection and conservation of frogs. Download the app here.
  • Saturday 26 November, Newcastle. Electric vehicle drive and information day.
  • 5 – 8 December 2022. Webinar series: Sustainable Renters Week. Do you live in a rental property and want to live more sustainably? Learn how to make easy improvements to your home that will improve comfort and energy efficiency, as well as encourage your landlord to access rebates for more permanent improvements. We’ll also shine a light on the reality of Australia’s rental properties that are often freezing in winter and sweltering in summer, and advocating for an uplift in energy standards.
  • 19 November – 5 February 2023. Australian Geographic: Our Country. Celebrate the beating heart of Australia at an intoxicating new immersive experience. Through highly crafted cinematography, large format screens and powerful 360 soundscape, this sensory experience shares the most intimate and epic treatment of Country to date. Hall 7, ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre. Tickets on sale now.
  • 4 – 31 January 2023. Shorebird Exhibition Tomaree Library. Organised by Hunter Region Landcare Network.

Mostly Good News:

Sustainability continues to hit the headlines in Port Stephens and the Hunter!

EcoNetwork Port Stephens

Our Vision: Ecologically sustainable communities existing in harmony with the natural environment.

Our Purpose: To support our members and to educate and advocate on environmental issues that impact Port Stephens communities. : : facebook

Published: 13 Nov 2022