Koala Koalition

EcoNetwork Port Stephens

Objectives of Koala Koalition EcoNetwork Port Stephens

To help protect, maintain and grow the koala population in Port Stephens through:

  • Improved information through drone surveys, mapping. Understanding where koala populations are and their movements through corridors. Potential sites through improved vegetation surveys.
  • Improved protections through – an updated CKPoM (Mid North coast council to develop a CKPoM).
  • Understanding government legislation & policy – Local, State and Federal – relationships & contradictions.
  • Understanding that political parties have agendas, that offsets are a fallacy & a source of corruption.
  • Building relationships with Councils, Hunter Water, Crown Lands.
  • Placing a dollar value on our pristine environment, it has a specific tourism value (compare the tourist industry generated by whale watching).
  • Understanding that the koala is the umbrella species. Our biodiversity and environmental balance are endangered by their fall in numbers.
  • Involvement of the Worimi original landholders.