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Koala Koalition

Photo: Phascolarctos cinereus © Ewa Meyer

Koala Koalition EcoNetwork Port Stephens

Koala Koalition was formed in June 2021 in response to the growing need for a strong voice to advocate for better protection for koalas in Port Stephens and neighbouring LGAs. It operates as a Special Interest Group within EcoNetwork Port Stephens.

The members of this alliance, comprising groups and individuals, are committed to working collaboratively with local councils, landholders, environment groups and other stakeholders to ensure that strategies such as the Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (CKPoM) are actively used to address and rectify the plight of koalas in our region.

Similar groups exist in other parts of NSW and Australia where advocacy and on ground actions, such as protection of habitat and corridors through private properties, have had great success.


To protect and grow the koala population in Port Stephens, with the understanding that the koala is a flagship species.


To harness the knowledge of organisations and individuals wanting to ensure the survival of Port Stephens’ koalas.

To identify legislative/policy restraints and contradictions to real protections, and lobby for improvement.

To develop a comprehensive understanding of our koala population/s, their movements and remnant habitat through the collation of data and research, and identify gaps in information.

To develop effective submission writing, policy development and lobbying based on reliable research and data.

To improve community knowledge and engagement.


Identify corridors to be protected, and facilitate and lobby for the protection of the land parcels within the corridors.

Build relationships with stakeholders, including researchers and land managers, and encourage their involvement in the Koalition.

Support a review and update Port Stephens Council Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management.

Promote the tourism and monetary value of koalas and our natural environment.

Write submissions to relevant proposed legislative changes and developments.

Utilise contacts to lobby and media to educate and mobilise support.


For further information about KKEPS or to register interest in our group, please contact Carmel Northwood, Convenor at

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Published: 22 Jul 2021